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This is a cut down version of the variable inspector I wrote a while ago. It's a bit more limited, but a lot more light weight. And there's a way to use it even if you have no tokens to spare (described below).

You use it to view Lua table variables:

  1. Run your game
  2. Press Esc to break into it
  3. Type: dinsp(variable)

Then use the mouse to expand values and scroll wheel to scroll up/down.

Code snippet follows (for some reason I can't use the code formatting tags):

poke(0x5f2d,3)cursor()pal()clip()function dadd(n,v,i,p)add(lines,{n=n,v=v,x=type(v)=="table"and"+"or" ",i=i},p) end function dexp(l,p)if l.x=="+" then for n,v in pairs(l.v) do p+=1 dadd(n,v,l.i.." ",p)end l.x="-"end end

function dinp()local x,y,b,w=stat(32),stat(33),stat(34),stat(36)line(x,y,x,y+2,10)if btnp(❎) then local i=(y-10)\6+1 local p=s+i local l=lines[p]if l and (x-10)\4==#l.i then dexp(l,p)end end s=max(min(s-stat(36),#lines-18),0)end

function dui()while true do rectfill(10,10,118,118,1)for i=1,18 do local l=lines[i+s]if l then print(l.i..l.x..l.n..":"..tostr(l.v),10,(i-1)*6+10,7)end end dinp()flip() end end function dinsp(v)lines,s={},0 dadd("value",v,"",#lines+1)dui()end

The snippet is 246 tokens.
If you don't have 246 spare tokens, you can still use it as follows:

  1. Run your game
  2. Press Esc to break into it
  3. Paste in each of the 3 snippet lines one at a time, pressing enter after each.
  4. Type: dinsp(variable)

The snippet must be entered as 3 separate lines because Pico-8 has a 255 character limit for lines in immediate mode.

P#95305 2021-07-26 07:12 ( Edited 2021-07-26 07:13)

That's a neat way to provide a debug tool without impacting existing code. Thanks! 🤓👍

P#95307 2021-07-26 07:27

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