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I saw someone post a suggestion for SPLORE to add a "play random cart" feature (especially for new game exploration on a handheld without keyboard/web browser, once you get past the list of Featured and New loaded in SPLORE). I liked that idea.

While having that in SPLORE would be cleanest and would stay up to date, I hacked together a quick prototype for myself that loads a random Featured Cart (from a scraped list of the 340 carts on the Featured board as of June 2021) to play around with.

Cart #randomcart-0 | 2021-06-26 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

If using it on a handheld it requires an internet connection, of course.

It also adds a Select/Enter menu option to each cart that lets you chain to a new random cart.

P#94097 2021-06-26 16:35 ( Edited 2021-06-26 20:01)

Awesome! I'll give it a shot later!

P#94100 2021-06-26 18:11

It works great! Added it to favorites and I'm good to go. Thanks!

P#94284 2021-07-01 03:49

Nice, glad to hear!

I looked into adding a mode to select a random cart from "all carts", but there were too many (5000+) to trivially hard-code a list in the cart without digging into data compression, so this will stay as "Featured Carts" for now.

I am thinking it might be useful to add a way to save which cart you just played, so that when you're chaining between random carts you see the previous cart ID (in case you liked it and want to write it down).

P#94383 2021-07-03 00:51

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