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Cart #greatestthing-8 | 2021-04-28 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

WARNING - sudden flashing lights and sounds.

The Greatest Thing

by PBG

My entry for the ludum dare 48 jam. Go on a pitfall-esque adventure in search of the greatest thing ever.

Arrow keys to move, Z/C jump, X/V carry things.

hotfix1 - fixed softlock in climbing room
hotfix2 - decided not to be a jerk and gave back key repeating by holding a button

P#91139 2021-04-26 19:35 ( Edited 2021-04-28 12:46)

Got stuck here :/ The chain doesn't let me jump high enough. I'll hide it to not spoil anything.

P#91143 2021-04-26 20:37

@FlyingSmog Thanks for the catch. You got pretty unlucky. Should be fixed.

For what it is worth, if you want to give it another go, you are pretty close to the end.

P#91145 2021-04-26 20:42 ( Edited 2021-04-26 20:47)

hahahaha yeah, some bad luck there.

After another try, I've managed to get to... an ending?

Pretty neat game! Thanks for sharing :D

P#91148 2021-04-26 20:54 ( Edited 2021-04-26 20:59)

@FlyingSmog sounds like you got it. Thats kind of the reaction i was going for. Glad someone was able to finish it! thanks for playing!

P#91149 2021-04-26 21:00

Very good game, but if you jump high enough at the start of the caste, you can wall jump out of bounds. The screen destroys itself with the sprits, and if you venture too far you will fall into the abyss, have a seizure, and die. Great secret detailing the problems with the housing crisis of 2008, 10/10

P#91187 2021-04-27 14:20

@JackJack3136 nice find! All's well that ends well!

P#91190 2021-04-27 14:33

I have no idea on how to hold the object and get anywhere because the object keeps automatically jumping out of the hands of the character could anyone give me a hint?

P#103354 2021-12-22 18:25 ( Edited 2021-12-22 18:25)

@GeKStudios That is supposed to happen. It is, by design, extremely annoying.

I'm meaning to revisit this and smooth down some of the frustrating aspects. But you are indeed playing the game as intended. You really need to plan out your path, particularly underwater.

One tip - you can swim just by holding the button, you don't need to mash it.

P#103355 2021-12-22 18:43


A very strange game, that since I never got to the end of it I wonder if I understood the point of it. I didn't understand the logic of why when you pick up an object it suddenly leaps from your hands, nor when you change screens again the object could leap from your hands and most frustratingly of all, force you have to have to repeat do the previous screen again. And sometimes the completion of a screen felt like blind luck.

Spoilers from here on in:

Is this about addiction ? The idea that you can't be too far away from the object and you have to keep going back to it?

I got to the part with 2 objects and the rising water. When the objects were underwater they turned into crystals ??? I didn't complete this and drowned. It feels like its near the end but I didn't particularly feel a huge desire to go back and complete it. Sorry.

P#103612 2021-12-27 12:35

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