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So I've just been thinking: wouldn't it be much more convinient to be able to "push" a new version of a cartridge to the BBS?

So I came up with three concept commands:

  • "PUSH"
  • "LOGIN"
  • "LOGOUT"

First, the login command. The syntax would be as follows:


The screen would then be cleared and a login request would be sent to the BBS servers. If all goes well, then the login would be remembered until you logout. This would allow for things like viewing favourited cartridges and seeing them stored on other devices and on the BBS itself.

"LOGOUT" is self explanatory.

Now, the push command. It can only be used when a cartridge is loaded in memory. The syntax is as follows:


CARTID being the normal ID, without the version(so "cart", not "cart-0" or "cart-1"). This would then execute the following steps:

  • Check if logged in
    • Send check request to BBS servers, asking if the cart id in question is owned by the current user
      • If all goes well, send the cartridge to the BBS and get it uploaded
    • If cartridge not owned by user, say so
  • If not logged in, say so

This way, small modifications won't have to include going into the browser at all.

*modify some stuff*
Verification Successful!
Cartridge uploaded at #CART-1#

This would be a blessing to me.

P#90762 2021-04-18 13:25

I only recently started my Pico-8 journey and was surprised this wasn't already a thing given how easy it is to download games through Splore. I track my p8s in a GitHub repo for peace of mind; it would be great if I could push changes directly from inside Pico-8 👌

P#90772 2021-04-18 16:31

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