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Cart [#26368#] | Copy | Code | 2016-08-03 | Link

A faithful port of the hit Game Computer Mini color game Triotos now available on pico-8!

Rules of the game here: link

Do choose the music before beggining the game.

Credits to usr_Share for the graphics, coding and Adrian09_01 for the music and coding

puzzle blocks falling
P#26369 2016-08-03 07:28 ( Edited 2017-01-14 04:53)



P#26386 2016-08-03 13:48


Really Nice. Not much else I can say. In a future update, Instructions inside the cart might be nice, but just a suggestion.

P#26388 2016-08-03 14:09


It took a while to get challenging (at least for me it did) but it's pretty fun. I like the way it kind of ramps up speed and then slows down for a while. I was experimenting with something like that in my own game and it's an interesting way to keep players on their toes.

P#26561 2016-08-05 22:20


Indeed. like many japanese puzzle games the real challenge comes from the VS mode wich we sadly havent done yet. turns out AI for puzzle games is hard to do.

P#26569 2016-08-06 00:23


I like it, great graphics and colors,the endless mode is fun!

P#35655 2017-01-14 04:53

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