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Today was the first day I did a videogame with my son.

He's 3 years old. He helped me pick all the colors and with design decision, like what kind of dinosaur to include and what he would be doing.

The game itself is literally 6 if blocks, and I wrote it pretty quickly, starting from api.pb . It still felt like an eternity to my toddler! He could see progress while I was drawing the dino and the flowers, but the programming part was meaningless to him. He was vociferously demanding progress. A true client. I had to cut many features. Bounds checking, for example, only works partially. It became a feature ("ooooh where did the dinosaur go?")

CONTROLS: Move with arrows, water flowers with Z.

Cleaned up before publishing.

Cart #dinowateringflowers-0 | 2020-06-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

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Congratulations on publishing a game with your son! This reminds me of years ago, when I made a small game with my niece. I never published it (if only I knew about Pico-8 back then), but she still remembers the game to this day. Hope you and your son make plenty more games together

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Very cute.

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