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How does one create a door, then link 2 instances of it across rooms? I've read the docs but an overview of what makes a door is not enough. Step-by-step, up to date instructions would really help. <nudge> @zep. :)

P#76494 2020-05-13 12:16 ( Edited 2020-05-13 12:17)

Hope that helps, this is the easiest way in my opinion.
Let me know if you have more questions.

P#76524 2020-05-13 23:25

Thanks @digitalmonkey. I had already watched all your tutorial videos on youtube and they were very helpful, this one as well.

But in the present case, I want to build my own door from scratch, instantiate it in both rooms, and allow for multiple entries/exits.

Creating a new item of type door, configuring its size, adding a visible prop inside its folder, doesn't seem to cut it. 1) the prop is not visible during game play. 2) despite linking the 2 instances (door in room 1, door in room 2), no travel takes place.

P#76531 2020-05-14 02:17 ( Edited 2020-05-14 02:18)


Followup :)

P#76576 2020-05-14 18:24

Thanks @digitalmonkey. This is exactly what I was looking for (and it worked perfectly). Cheers.

P#76728 2020-05-16 21:59

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