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Cart #spritefont-0 | 2020-04-20 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License


This cart -- all it does -- is provide a sprite font and routines to print to the screen.

All the routines print either a colorized font, or a colorized font on a color background (if provided). If the first color is black, it prints in black, assuming the background to be transparent (say, if you were printing on a white background).

The three print functions do the following:

  • SPRINT. Prints on 8x8 boundaries
  • SPRINTC. Prints centered in X, but on a Y at pixel resolution.
  • SPRINTXY. Prints at an X,Y at pixel resolution

The two SPRITE FONTS match the Pico-8 font, including the glyphs. (It doesn't contain Kana characters).


The first is a smallcaps font like the one in Pico-8. It also has small numbers, and includes six extra characters including Spades and Clubs (the Glyphs have a Heart and Diamond already.)


The second font contains actual lowercase letters. With the last six sprites, it includes simple rounded window tiles you can see surrounding the screen. Usually you would want 8 (so the edges can be unique and to-the-edge for nice layering) and a fill tile, but I had six sprites to work with.


Feel free to use these fonts and routines in any cart you want. Just credit ThatTomHall in a cart comment or cart description. Enjoy!

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