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This is a fairly basic issue I'm facing... On Linux Mint 19.3, when I go to paste a function, it pastes twice when I only hit the key combo once. The same issue occurs when I go to undo something in the sprite/map editor. Is there anything else I should include in this report?

P#74489 2020-04-05 19:21

Thanks @Soullix, I've fixed this for the next update.

[note to self: It looks like some window managers under Linux trigger a textinput event when ctrl is held down and some don't -- so what I do is look at keydown events that occur when ctrl is pressed and generate events to send to PICO-8 from that also. Problem is if the two types of events trigger on different frames, they'll be dupes. Seems like what might be happening here. So instead of cataloguing behaviour of each environment / window manager, continue processing both types of events, but only send them to PICO-8 when more than 30ms apart]

P#74648 2020-04-11 16:05

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