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Cart #wordfind-0 | 2019-12-15 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Here's Wordfind, a word search puzzle.

It contains 1600 words and has 20 categories.

Words can be found in all different directions: N,E,S,W,NE,SE,SW,NW

P#71042 2019-12-15 17:25

:: dw817

Wow ! Whatta find. These Pico-8 games just get better and better ! :D

I know someone who will definitely get a kick out of this. My Grandpa. He just loves Word Search puzzles. I need to show this to him.

Superb ! I don't think you can do any better than this for this kind of game (aside from adding a save game option). Gold star for you loud and proud.

P#71043 2019-12-15 17:55 ( Edited 2019-12-15 17:58)

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