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Cart [#21625#] | Copy | Code | 2016-05-29 | Link

Mostin's having a Meltdown, can you help him locate his car keys?
He told me he lost them down out back near the barn gate, but that's a long long hike.
Over massive mountains and deep valleys, but it's all right, because he'll give you a pay of 60 Noblus!

Worth it, ... right? ... right? ...

EDIT: Alright, final p8jam2 version, I think I've gotten down what I wanted to accomplish.

P#21056 2016-05-21 23:05 ( Edited 2016-06-21 12:04)


Eeee, I can see everything! O.O

P#21063 2016-05-22 01:00


I won! Great game!

P#21066 2016-05-22 01:32


Tweaked a few stats of some of the characters, I think that makes it a bit more balanced.

P#21090 2016-05-22 15:20


How did you get the graphics so real?! There's no way this all fits into a Pico-8 cart!

P#21103 2016-05-22 17:17


I have no idea what I am doing but I love it.

P#21196 2016-05-23 18:49


This feels like a migraine simulator, haha. Neat game, still can't find my keys.

P#21880 2016-05-31 01:37


Interesting game, don't think I could ever find anything though! I included it in my Pico-8 Jam #2 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)

P#23383 2016-06-21 12:04

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