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Operating System: Arch Linux.

In "config.txt" if

root_path ./

is set, then whenever you try to "cd" within PICO-8, you get a

cd failed

error message. But if you change the root path to something other than "./", then PICO-8 works fine. It even works fine if you replace the "./" with a "../", which is a bit silly :D. It also works if you delete the "root_path" line.

Here is what the error message looks like:


EDIT: Ok, cd also doesn't work when you use the "-root_path ./" command-line parameter, but I guess that should have been common sense I guess.

P#63679 2019-04-19 12:52 ( Edited 2019-04-19 14:39)

same on WIndows when run with parameter -home .

pico8.exe -home .
P#64239 2019-05-08 04:53

I'm having the same issue. I want to put an installation of Pico-8 on a USB drive. I set up a .bat to start with the parameter

-home ./pico-8/home

(also tried with "\"s) to no avail. CD:FAILED no matter what. Windows 10. Loading carts still works fine.

P#64472 2019-05-16 21:06 ( Edited 2019-05-16 21:08)

I am using this bash scipt and it works:


./pico8 -home $(cd .; pwd)/data/ -root_path $(cd .; pwd)/data/carts/ -desktop $(cd .; pwd)/data/screenshots
P#65057 2019-06-07 17:36

That bash script is generating direct paths when run. Ie "./data" is being expanded out to "e:\pico8\data" or whatever when it's ran. That's what pwd does.

"-home ./pico-8/home" is a relative path and it's parsed by the system before pico-8 is running. Depending on what pico-8 thinks the current working directory is after it's up and running, "./data" could be pointing to C:\data or (the directory of the pico8 executable)\data.

It's the same reason the "folder" command doesn't open a window when you have -home set to a relative path.

P#65315 2019-06-21 00:35

Why is there 'cd .' in your commands? I don’t understand the meaning (change directory to the current directory, so no-op?)

P#81371 2020-08-30 14:57

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