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The changelog for v0.1.11c (from a year or so ago) says:

> Added: F11 to toggle fullscreen

...but F11 has never actually worked in any version of PICO-8 so far, to my knowledge. Alt + Enter is still the only way to do fullscreen.

So I'm just making a bug report to track this, and as a reminder in case a fix might make it into 0.1.12b or something ;)

P#63468 2019-04-13 00:19

very nice update for the 0.11.12 the fact now we got nice enought big tactile controler and gamepad support, thanks for this. how about a add on of the pico-8 on the Retropie Emustation? So I can enjoy it on my raspi via a CRT TV :)

P#63501 2019-04-14 14:51

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