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Years ago I was with my Dad and the MENSA group watching fireworks. There were people all around, it was busy busy, smells of gunpowder and good food were all around.

Everyone was talking noisily and you can hear car radios playing as some sat on top of their vehicle to get a better look.

Right then though, I worried about something. Strange that I would with all the good things and fun around me.

I went to my sister who was sitting on the grass watching the sky.

"What is it ?" she said.

"Where are all the fireflies ?" I asked her.

"Fireflies ?" She looked up and around. "There's no fireflies here. There's no firework called a 'firefly' that I know of."

I pressed the issue, "No, I don't see any fireflies - at all - anymore. Where have they gone ? Are they all in the arctic now ?"

She smiled, "No, you won't have to travel that far to find them." She took a sip of her soda. Looked around, then said, "Come on. I'll show you some."

With that she took a direction completely away from all the activity. Then she ducked into several bushes and kept on. I was afraid we would get lost but I followed her anyways. The bushes were getting thicker and more tangled when suddenly ...

"We're here." she whispered.

"What ?"

She repeated, "Right here, dummy. Take a look."

Somehow, I don't know how I couldn't even hear the fireworks or noise or anything. Only a few crickets chirping. We were in an opening in a huge bush, enough room for only two people, her and me.

And there they were.


All flitting about and each other, lighting up if they bumped into one another.

For a long time I couldn't say anything. I looked to her and she grinned.

Finally she spoke, "Cities have just about driven them out, but you can still find them - if you can find still and quiet places like these. I know this territory and I've been here before."

We watched a few more minutes. She stood up, "Ready to go ?"

I nodded, "Yeah. And - thanks."

"Sure thing." she smiled, and we went back to where Dad and MENSA was to watch more fireworks.

Now these fireflies have a little bonus. They have what I call the, "Friendship Ring." You can turn it on and off with the (X) key. They love the ring and will stay on it, lighting up to show their interest.

To speed up the fireflies, press the (O) key.

Open source to change rotation speed of fireflies and how many there are.

Big props and thanks go to "Remagamer" who with his code showed me a unique way to move an object, by direction and rotation. You can find his amazing cart HERE:


Be certain to give him a star because that's what makes sharing code really interesting is when someone can understand it and apply what they've learned, extending and commending on that intelligent concept or code.

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:: dw817

Thanks, Tesselode.

Now, here's a challenge for someone. How would you change the code so you can't see the fireflies at all if they are not lit ?

BTW, run the above full-screen. Looks lovely in a completely dark room.

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