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Hey guys!
The PICO-8 fanzine is still underway, don't fret, it's just that @e6host, who's doing the layout has been busy. Between today and tomorrow I'll give more specifics as to what percentage the magazine is done.

Another thing I want to announce is a highscore competition for the PICO-8! The PICO-8 community has a very strong maker culture, which is great, as that was @zep's original intention, however, no (fantasy) console is complete without a strong player-base, and I think that a highscore competition is a great way to foster that. It'll be a weekly thing, every week (or every week I possibly can) and the game will be chosen by me from playpico.com 's selection of curated games, though there maybe the occasional non-listed game if I feel it's good enough to my standards. The winners of these competitions receives honor and glory, and a shoutout. Once we're done with this current issue, however, there is a possibility that we might put on the next upcoming issues the winners of each weekly competition (hence, honor and glory, and the shoutout). With that said, the game will be announced tomorrow, Saturday. Just giving everyone a heads up. The competition will be run in Twitter, Facebook's PICO-8 group, Discord's PICO-8 server, and here. Therefore, the person with highest score, regardless of where he posted his score, will be the overall winner of the competition, and will have a shoutout across all platforms.

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cool idea!

we run a highscore tournament every now and then over at alakajam, and one of the games this time is a PICO-8 game!

the tourny ends tomorrow, but feel free to join!

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