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Play this frenetic arcade game with 3 other friends and avoid asteroids, collect gems and push your buddies away to survive in the wilderness of space!

This is the prototype, made with Pico-8, of our new videogame we are developing: "Nitronauta".
You can play this version in singleplayer or 2 players using a keyboard but you have to use 4 different joysticks (XBOX controllers works) in order to play in 4 players.

If you want to play in more than 2 players with working joysticks support, we uploaded our game on our official itch.io page also: play Nitronauta: the Pico-8 version on our itch.io.

The new version of the game will include a more intuitive control system and a lot of new features, such as a storyline and bosses.

If you want to support our game development you can use this link: donate!

I am the founder of a group of creators called "Eternium Galaxy", if you want you can follow our social pages to know more about us here:

Thank you so much!

Eternium Galaxy Team

P#52332 2018-05-03 14:00 ( Edited 2018-05-06 09:30)

:: Felice

I like the presentation a lot, but...

The fast asteroids move too fast. Dying feels very arbitrary.

Keep in mind that reflex times vary person-to-person, and they increase with age. You might want to consider adding a difficulty setting.

P#52337 2018-05-03 15:58 ( Edited 2018-05-03 19:58)

I second Felice.

P#52341 2018-05-03 17:01 ( Edited 2018-05-03 21:01)

Would it be possible to use a different button config to start the game and reset data?

Opposite direction inputs, while do-able on a keyboard, don't typically work with most physical d-pads.

P#52346 2018-05-03 18:49 ( Edited 2018-05-03 22:49)

@Felice @PaultheRoman @XNargaHunter

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Unfortunately, I reached the memory limit of Pico-8 and I can't change so much about this prototype but all your advices will be included on a list in order to implement them in the new version of the game.
This game was born from the idea of a frenetic and fast multiplayer game with matches of a few minutes and this is why it is difficult: I agree with you, Felice, and I'll add a difficulty setting!

In addition, I will change the button configuration for the menu in this prototype because I don't need to add lines of code.

P#52363 2018-05-04 04:27 ( Edited 2018-05-04 08:29)

Very good game! Nice presentation, looking forward to the full game! :D

One small thing, I was unable to play it with my friends unfortunately, because (apart from my computer) I use a Raspberry Pi on a TV, and pushing left and right at the same time on the start screen is impossible on a PlayStation 4 controller. Just a heads up ;)

P#52375 2018-05-04 15:09 ( Edited 2018-05-04 19:09)


Thank you for your words, really appreciated!

I am sorry for that problem, if you want to try the game again with your friends I've just uploaded a new version with different controls for the menu in order to play entirely with a controller.

The full game will have a different input system for sure! :D

P#52400 2018-05-05 04:30 ( Edited 2018-05-05 08:30)


It's much better now! :D

P#52444 2018-05-06 05:30 ( Edited 2018-05-06 09:30)

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