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Cart #52015 | 2018-04-25 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Fixed the various boss fight glitches, such as the game not ending when you run out of health, the menu cursor not aligning properly, and the health bar going into the negatives. I won't be updating the game again until after LD41 is over.

Cart #51901 | 2018-04-22 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

My entry for LD41, finished (if not quite polished) after a hard night of debugging. It's also my first-ever completed PICO-8 game. So proud of myself for getting this done within the Compo deadline, even if I'm gonna be short on sleep for work tomorrow...

'Love Is A Battlefield" combines a bullet-hell shooter with a dating sim. On the surface, it's a game about shooting hearts at coloured circles while your date asks you if you know who Pat Benatar is for the sixth time. Deep down, though, it's about helping others to deal with their insecurities and break down their emotional barriers.

I hope you enjoy it, and feedback is appreciated, especially since this is my first PICO-8 game and the code is probably a horrendous mess!

P#51905 2018-04-22 18:50 ( Edited 2018-06-01 17:37)

:: enargy

I liked it! There's enough variety in the enemies that it's interesting, and having the boss helps a lot.

I do think the meter drains too quickly though, and that makes the game a bit tedious. It at least looks like it just drains over time. Instead, I think it shouldn't drain automatically, and only drain a tick when you don't destroy an enemy or a bit more than that when you're hit. That way, there's still a trade-off between avoiding an enemy versus trying to shoot it down.

P#51951 2018-04-24 11:18 ( Edited 2018-04-24 15:18)

It's very creative, but I feel like the meter should drain e bit slower.

P#53184 2018-06-01 13:37 ( Edited 2018-06-01 17:37)

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