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Github Link: https://github.com/torch2424/picoDeploy

Features Snippet from the README:

🖥️ Deploy to Windows, Mac, and Linux using Electron and Electron Builder

📱 Deploy to Android, iOS, and Web with all listed features using Ionic

🚀 Performant mobile builds using Crosswalk

💾 Save file (Indexedb) listener, with Pub / Sub functionality to perform actions when the save file is changed

🎮 Mobile on screen gamepad using Google Material Icons

🎮 Usb Gamepad / Xbox 360 controller / PS3 controller support using a modified pico8gamepad

💦 Splashscreen / Video to hide the Pico 8 boot screen (Not to be mistaken with Ionic mobile app splash screen)

📺 Background image or video to be displayed behind your game

⚙️ Settings screen, with support for turning sound on / off, fullscreen for desktop, customizable gamepad color, customizable background color (if not background media), Stretch the game to full resolution, and dropdown credits.

🛠️ Build System to support multiple picoDeployConfig.json files, and copied for the correct build target set in ENV variables.

♻️ Compatible with libraries like greenworks and Cordova Plugin Play Games Services. That can be plugged into a commented PlatformSdkWrapper service, which taps into the Save file listener I mentioned above.

P.S I totally started this project before version 0.1.11 which included binary exports for Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, this project still offers a great amount of functionality for deploying and building games, that binary exports do not offer currently.

Any feedback on the tool is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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