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Im trying to wring as much performance out of my TinyPi project which is running Pico-8 https://twitter.com/Pi0CKET

and i notice WiringPi is actually built into the RaspberyPi build. Looking at the documentation, the only mention i can find about it, is for allowing a cartridge to access the GPIO to flash lights etc, which is pretty kool!!

Is there any ability to use WiringPi to use the GPIO as input? This would mean that i could remove another external process (adafruit retrogame) and mean faster running (hopefully) :)

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There isn't currently a way to remap gpio states as button input automatically, but you can do it by adding code to PEEK() the GPIO addresses and treat them as input. Here's someone else doing it:


Perhaps a -gpio_buttons switch would be in order for such projects.

P#40716 2017-05-18 05:23 ( Edited 2017-05-18 09:23)

Thanks for the reply

I don't think my current method is adding a massive overhead, just trying to keep everything as minimal as possible.

Now if there was just a way to pipe the SDL2 output from pico-8 straight to /Dev/fb1, then I could trim some more :P

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