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Cart #38485 | 2017-03-21 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Anissa is an elf girl with a knack for thievery. Upon entering a mysterious castle to claim it's treasures, she finds tough Bison Knight guards galore! Armed with only a grappling hook, Anissa must sneak past the guards by hanging on the castle's many chandeliers to claim her reward.

Use your grappling powers and your pathetic jump to avoid the enemies, and steal the treasure at the end!


  • Randomly generated terrain every time you play!
  • Collect coins to buy health potions from shops
  • Use your grappling hook to grab on to and hang from chandeliers!​


  • Don't let go of your grapple until you're ready to jump down!
  • Collect coins for potions!
  • Drink potions for extra lives!
  • Shops are checkpoints!
  • The game gets harder as you get closer to the end!


  • For the extra bonus point, the code is under MIT, and the art is under CC-BY-3.0!

This game was made in two days for the #linuxgamejam2017.

This game was made using the Pico-8 fantasy console with version 0.1.10c.


  • Code is under the MIT
  • Art is under CC-BY 3.0 (Ricky Crespo)
P#38486 2017-03-20 22:13 ( Edited 2017-03-21 02:47)

:: Scathe

Excellent! I lost all my lives twice before finally beating it. There were some really tricky areas generated, such as ones that were like 2 tiles widths with a fairly fast-moving enemy, and I was really high above them so it was hard to judge the timing on the drop. I love stealth games and hope to see more of them show up.

P#38487 2017-03-20 22:47 ( Edited 2017-03-21 02:52)

great game! it's kinda broken tho since you can just speed by basically the whole game

P#103598 2021-12-27 00:28

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