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I keep thinking of old ST/Amiga era game styles that I'd like to experiment with in Pico-8 but a lot of them need mouse support.

Are there plans to add mouse support? Is there already mouse support and I've missed it? Is this a terrible idea and should I get my coat?

To me It seems a bit strange to use the mouse in the editors and then it be not available in game.


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Cool. What are the commands for getting mouse x,y and click events? I couldn't see anything in pico8.txt, is there more API documentation somewhere else?

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There's no mouse support for cartridges, but you can simulate a mouse with the joystick and button like on old Comodore 64 programs.

That said, if Zep allowed for both keyboard and mouse input, it would enable some neat adventure game action.

See "mouse" code in this drawing program:

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Cool drawing program, but using a joystick to simulate a mouse feels psychotic now. The C64 even had a mouse. keyboard would be a great call as well. So many classic early games required text input.

I get the limitations on the program side but I don't get limiting things like keyboard and mouse. I'm pretty old and from the UK and having home computers rather than just consoles was one of the contributing factors to creating the game dev scene there. Seems a shame not to have a mode to support that in Pico-8.

Well I love everything else about Pico-8 so far, there has to be some rough with the smooth :) Pico-8 is still alpha so there is still hope. It wouldn't need changes to the virtual console, it would just be releasing virtual peripherals for it.

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"virtual peripherals"

that's genius.

I have been thinking about how to connect pico-8 to the real world (because I push at boundaries habitually) - and I think you just hit the perfect metaphor on the head. I had a "supercharger" cart for my atari 2600 that increased memory so you could have more complex games - and we all remember the game genie carts that let you fiddle with ram to monkey with games. The camera and printer on the gameboy.

Would love to see a virtual "game link" cable to let 2 pico-8 instances talk to each other via a standard type of interface (so you could trade your pico-mon, har har!). Or maybe a virtual internet adapter that let you do http get/post.

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+1 for virtual peripherals.
Mouse is actually usable in-cart, see this cart, it actually uses mouse support.

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Yep, mouse can be used, DB. I'm waiting to see some great programs written with this function, like card games.

But no, full QWERTY keyboard input is not here yet. I'm holding out for that too so you are not alone in this request ...

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