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A few people asked about the music used in the Voxatron preview trailer, so here's a copy in mp3 format & the original .xm. Note that I wrote it with the trailer in mind, so it's quite short! For the final soundtrack I'd like to make an extended version.



The tune was written in Milky Tracker, which you can also use to view/play the .xm file. There's a bunch of unused pattern data lying around in there, which I sometimes like to have a nosey through in other people's tunes to get an idea of how it evolved.

Most of the instruments are generated by the in-game synthesizer and derived from game world sounds: the drums are from collisions and the sound of bullets hitting the armadillo shell, etc. If you'd like to use them for anything, feel free to grab a copy from the .xm.

.. and some wallpaper for good measure.


P#1219 2011-01-08 14:54 ( Edited 2015-12-02 07:35)

Really awesome job on the game, on the music, on everything!

Is it possible to participate with a tune for the game? :)

P#1223 2011-01-10 18:04 ( Edited 2011-01-10 23:04)

Hey rez!

I initially had all the music planned out and was keen to write it myself, but it might also be great to have a bunch of guest artists on the soundtrack. Let me see how the game develops and I'll get back to you on that.

P#1224 2011-01-11 16:47 ( Edited 2011-01-11 21:47)

Awesome, thanks!

Looking forward to the extended version as well.

The arpeggios (if you can call them that) are great.

P#1225 2011-01-12 07:36 ( Edited 2011-01-12 12:36)

Awesome stuff man. Are you planning on attending the Game Developers Conference in a few months? I'd love to try this out. Also is it just desktop comp gaming right now or are you thinking possibly porting this to android/iOS devices? (found out about your game via ArsTechnica).

  • Cheers
P#1226 2011-01-14 12:08 ( Edited 2011-01-14 17:08)

tell voxel music man that i would love to buy a CD with his tracks =D

P#1872 2011-11-01 04:40 ( Edited 2011-11-01 08:40)

Hooray for modern games with tracked music. :)

P#2648 2011-11-03 14:30 ( Edited 2011-11-03 18:30)

Where is the download? I love Voxatron music!

P#5738 2012-01-13 02:50 ( Edited 2012-01-13 07:50)

Sweet, thanks man!

P#6390 2012-07-31 13:45 ( Edited 2012-07-31 17:45)

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