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Zep, when in BBS I use "view by: Top" it only allowing me to see one page of posts.

P.S. when is a new voxatron update is coming out? :)

P#10642 2015-05-13 20:52 ( Edited 2015-05-25 21:47)

Yes, that also happens to me.
Go to "Top" cartridges, and when you try to go to the second page, it goes to the second page of "New", not "Top"

P#10644 2015-05-14 02:38 ( Edited 2015-05-14 06:38)

Sup DM I was wondering when the next update was and it seem a long time since the last update

P#10647 2015-05-14 15:45 ( Edited 2015-05-14 19:45)

Same With Me... I Tryed To My Other Browser And Save It Into Mine To Make It Work But Something Is Wrong.

P#10726 2015-05-16 19:44 ( Edited 2015-05-16 23:44)

Nevermind. I fixed the browser with dragging it into home-page then the home-page link. Well Thxs for reminding me

P#10928 2015-05-25 17:47 ( Edited 2015-05-25 21:47)

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