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Cart #9495 | 2014-12-29 | Embed ▽ | No License

Hello everyone, I did a little project ! I don't know if I'll continue it.
Please let me know what you liked / disliked. Criticism is appreciated !

I am quite new to voxatron ~0.3+.

By the way here's the storyline of Red Labs:

Red Labs is a corporation. They make experiments on everything. They like to play with robots. But what they like the most is combining genes to cross-mutates species.

Their new-gen robots, called the MK-I (MK-II / MK-III / etc...) are made using animals or human brains. They found a way to isolate brain cells to keep the brain alive in a robot body. This way, they can control robots easier. Human brains are obviously hard to control, so some robots go out of controls. This is what happened to you. You must find a way to escape the Red Labs.

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I managed to get to the bronze update, had some trouble on the room with the glasses and the pink crawlers though (more than the boss).

the gameplay really feels smooth, my two little hearts never felt so big and the trail of the bullets make a great job highlighting the little dots that they are.

I believe a hud with a health bar instead of the usual hearts bar would work better on this cartridge, sadly, it is not possible.
Also, the upgrade room is awesome! It is like a trophy that you get for advancing this much, makes the gameplay really satisfying, I'm looking foward to the next upgrades and a lot of new enemies to try them on.

As for the enemies, they all seem to be variations of the player, some of them were a little unfair shooting 3 waves of bulets at me when I only had that peagun T-T but it makes all the killing feels even better.

I also noticed you recicled nautilus, are we going to fight it as a final boss or is he just on of many? it would be nice not to fight it because all that hype that is put on the player when he/she sees that big thing in the glass that was almost going to kill your tiny robot be destroyed by something even bigger and better.

the cartridge is already pretty exciting, I'm looking foward to your progress.

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Thanks for the reply, I will continue working on this project. Nautilus is just a canvas right now for a new boss (I will rework nautilus / completely change it).

I also tough the room before the boss was a bit hard ! I will change it :)

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Well, I meant, ejem... It´s just amaizing

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Hey Kling. It is in fact possible to create a health bar.
If you meant Put a health bar with the score, I could just make a wall in front of the hearts area only and place the health bar there. that way Score will still be visible but you got a custom health bar.

Health Bar Test

Check it out. Made it myself!

BTW awesome level. Its got lots of potential. Consider adding a health bar if possible. ^

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