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Zep, are you planning on online multiplayer support? I believe all you needed to do is find a way to hook one or more ip addresses to a host ip address and configure the bit transfers per keypress (or something like that, I am not a good multiplayer coder :P) and you would be all set. Of course once you are greenlit Steam could possibly help with that (I'm not sure how though...). I believe this will get rid of the problems with hotseat (two people one keyboard) multiplayer.

Ideas on this?

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:: zep

I don't want to promise anything before 1.0 because online support is a colossal project by itself and I'm not sure how Voxatron is going to pan out. But I still have my eye one it. The world is simulated deterministically partly for this reason, so in theory it would be possible to only send the key presses. I haven't left open the possibility of multiple rooms being simulated at once, but perhaps that's not a show-stopping limitation.

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