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The reason I put this here is to openly discuss with people their ideas, as well as have them critique mine.

Lemme start of by saying that I love it already. I got it with the humble bundle yesterday and am thoroughly pleased. Some things I would love to see in the future would probably be:

Hitboxes that are a definable size,

The ability to edit the damage on certain weapons in the editor (This might exist already, I just have no idea how to do it)

Bigger maps (like up to 1024x1024 or something like that),

User definable render size (I like it how it is, but some of the other people whom I've talked to dislike the size and wish it would be bigger or at least take up more of the screen),

Tweakable hud and stuff (like disable the score but keep the hearts, make the stuff smaller, change how it looks, etc.),

Monsters that can shoot projectiles at the player from a certain distance (think archer monsters),

More specific options for the editing of item types (like weapons have their own set of values to make them unique, and players/monsters have their own set, so on and so fourth),

and finally, possibly a little thing that tells us the ETA on what features are coming (I'm really looking forward to playing around with the procedural worlds)

If anyone has anything to add or say about this, dont hesitate to. I'd love to talk with the community and stuff.

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to increase organization on the bbs we have the suggestion bucket, please put you suggestions THERE so people can see what you have suggested and don't repeat it again, also before suggesting check that thread and the most recent blogs or the manual so you can see if it isn't there already or if it wasn't suggested yet.

since some of your suggestions aren't valid because they are already there(even though the others are very interesting) I'll answer them here, but please use the suggestion bucket next time

the hitboxes already have a definable size.

you can edit the damage from certain weapons by edditing the bullet

the bigger maps are not yet implemented because the physics system requires a scan of the entire map to work, zep is working on bigger maps without the normal physics system with undistructible props so it can be larger but for now that's not happening

I already suggested that, thou in a different way. yours is a lot better explained.

they already can, through and emitter + microscripting.

this was possible before( even with a few impossibilities), when the animation had the option to draw on the screen, but for whatever reason it was removed, you can see it in this level, if you manage to advance you'll understand ( it isn't originally from there though, I just couldn't find the cartridge of the person who created it)

you can already do that with the aliasing or simply by editing the items(though maybe I just couldn't understand your suggestion of how much specific)

ETA? whats that? if you want to know the features, zep has a twiter, a vine and you can check the progression chart, also he sometimes do that by replying the suggestions (and maybe send a little preview) or you can wait for him to post his blog of the upcoming updates, just have to wait.

also, please remember that the internal items on the editor cannot be changed.

sorry for my rudeness

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Generally I would call myself an idiot, so thanks for clarifying some of this stuff for me. If you could explain how to do a few of these things, I would love to make a megathread on how to use Voxatron editor. Its all relatively confusing for me since I dont have access to any documentation (since I got it through the humble bundle)

If someone knows how to get this, I would be grateful.

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Here is a link to the latest (as far as I know) design manual:


Zep mentioned that he would be updating it soon. For some other help, you can check out some of the Digital Monkey School video tutorials:


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