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Cart #tensum-1 | 2024-06-16 | Embed ▽ | No License


When Tweetjam happened I got addicted to MakeTen by @pancelor. A simple concept, perfectly executed in 500 chars. But the eyestrain from Pico8's HD resolution was just too much, which is why I started making my own version in Picotron.

How To Play

You control the whole game with your mouse.
The goal of the game is to connect fields that add up to 10. The bigger the area you cover the more points you get.


Pancelor is working on an update for MakeTen, packed full of new,crazy gamemodes and hours of fun. You can play this while you wait for that version.
This is my second game for Picotron, and I really hope our little community will continue to grow. Do let know your highscores, do let me know what you think.

Beware of the Web Version!

I advise you to play this in Picotron itself for two reasons.
The web player is still very messy, audio doesn't work and neither do userfiles-and you probably want to hang on to your highscores!


16.6. -added "How to play" section in Main menu

P#150016 2024-06-16 16:09 ( Edited 2024-06-20 17:02)


Well done lil picotron game! The music is pretty cool, matches the underwater aesthetic (tho I have no idea why it is underwater lol).

P#150030 2024-06-16 20:31

I wanted to add something mesmerizing to look at and played around with different ideas-but I ultimately landed on the aquarium idea,which was fun to quickly put together. I still have to develop a proper title screen, I'm not good with those

P#150042 2024-06-17 09:58

My first picotron carts after I bought it. It was so fun playing this.
The music is really good, can you give advice to make sound like that?

I'm totally newbie on music

P#150111 2024-06-19 13:22

Thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed playing it! There are infinite ways to approach making music for your games, lots of them very helpful and interactive. My 'process' of making anything, but especially music is rather fast-I try to come up with the background elements and then improvise a melody and some harmonies on top. The music for TenSum is still too short, the track should be longer. But it captures the calmness I felt when playing it. My quick tip if you really have no grasp of music yet-only use black keys, so C#, D#,F#, G# and A#. This is called a pentatonic scale and these notes will always work together.

P#150120 2024-06-19 18:16

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