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strongly recommended!

Deck Blitz

A new full-game experience for Picotron! Deck Blitz is a deckbuilding race to the finish for one to four players (hotseat). This game is a tribute to The Quest for El Dorado board game. I am quite content with where this project ended up over the last 2 weeks, though if people enjoy it I would happily expand upon it. (special cards/handmade maps/map editor/controller support/clean code).

Picotron has been a blast so far. Excited to make more games and see what everyone is whipping up. Let me know your high scores :)

As for my high scores!

Best Round: 17
Best Time: 2:39:28

P#146597 2024-04-14 09:06


Nice little deckbuilder game! I liked the interaction between the map and the cards, and the tension between buying coin to accelerate your spending versus it cluttering your deck in the late game when you're trying to move.

P#146667 2024-04-15 04:15

Just had a nice 1-player run for the high scores!

Round 20, 5:30:58 in-game timer!

Thanks for this game - it's fun!

P#147090 2024-04-22 02:00

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