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Swarm Racer builds are back up for Mac, Windows and now Linux and Web.

Go here to download / play in your browser.

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P#7196 2013-03-17 22:10

:: Scores

These builds double as a test of a new leaderboard system! I've set it up so that scores are tied to the BBS account of the player (so you'll need to log in before posting any best times). This should reduce cheating a bit, encourage players to make an account, and there is the future possibility of having user trophies / grouped competition etc.

So, please go ahead and post some scores (even if they're crummy!) and let me know if anything looks broken.

At the moment scores are submitted by opening a new browser page, but later I'll do the whole in-game score table thing (for Voxatron & Swarm Racer 3000, at least).

P#7197 2013-03-17 22:20


sweet, couldnt beat the lasers, but i will! The (wiggling/alive) blocks trapped a few of my ships and then when i got round the camera zoomed back to them and they were trapped inside the blocks. Apart from that pretty to look at graphics , wise an smooth gameplay. I get frustrated sometimes when the little guys all get trapped around the place. It would rule to have some non speed based levels (bonus levels) that where about unlocking puzzles (i.e. move all bubbles into the net to open the door, get more stars!) or ( ( zoomed view ) become one ship and race around a maze to escape a batch of scorpions) . I love the song after winning . HI tokyo!

P#7204 2013-03-21 07:10

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