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So I have been playing around with the editor now that 0.2.4 is out and I noticed that when a new main character is created we can keep (required to keep?) 16 props in the 6 directory.

Wasn't this 11 before? If so, what the extra frame/props for?

P#7158 2013-03-09 12:11 ( Edited 2013-03-10 18:05)

There should be 12:

body shooting x 2
body sword
body sword attack x 2
feet x 5
sword by itself (for when you get hit carrying sword of fortune)

I left some extra frames in there by accident when I was making the demo character. It's possible to leave unused frames on the end if you want to use them for trying out the combined elements, or keeping WIP version etc.

Note that the character designing system is a very old hack, and will be updated soon! The new player editor will be similar to the monster one -- you can add any number of animations for separate body parts. Old levels will still load and automatically convert to the new format.

P#7166 2013-03-09 23:23 ( Edited 2013-03-10 04:23)

ok :D! awesome thank you

P#7170 2013-03-10 14:05 ( Edited 2013-03-10 18:05)

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