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Cart #theweb-0 | 2023-01-08 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

What is This?

This is a game submission for the Mini Jam 123: Web. It was built around the theme of, "Web", with the limitation of, "There is No Ground".

How Do I Play?

Behind The Scenes...

Running out of motivation and inspiration to make original games, why would I not join a game jam? And that's what I would do. The experience of making this game would be fun, mainly because there would be no over scope, crunch or anything like that. I hoped that I would get into experiences like this. As per the gameplay inspiration itself? Subway Surfers meets casual shmup.

Better not play this if you have Arachnophobia!

P#123947 2023-01-08 14:30 ( Edited 2023-01-08 14:38)


Really fun and unique take on the arcade shooter!
I made it to floor 7 then died and realized I had to do all the floors again though.

P#123966 2023-01-08 18:52

Oh, sorry to hear that, that happened, @Munchkin. Thanks for playing my game though!

P#124002 2023-01-09 05:31

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