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Cart #sokolike-0 | 2023-06-28 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

This prototype was made for Pico-View, a monthly web-zine hosted on NerdyTeachers.com.

This month's prototype is named "Sokolike". It is a template for building your own Sokoban-like game.

If you are not familiar with Sokoban, meaning "warehouse worker" in Japanese, it is an MS DOS puzzle game from 1982 where you must push blocks around walls and other blocks to get them all to designated locations.

We have included a level building function that will read each pixel in a 16x16 sprite and use that to place appropriate tiles on the map. This means that you can draw and edit your level designs easily using the sprite sheet! There are 16 example levels and 52 total levels available to be made.

Go ahead and tweak, add, re-theme, and build whatever you want on this and let's make some great puzzles!

Don't forget to share it here on the BBS with the tag "prototype-party" so we can see what you were inspired to create. And keep your eyes out for more in the coming issues of Pico-View!

Read the full issue here:

Pico-View #6 June 2023: https://nerdyteachers.com/PICO-8/Pico-View/?issue=6

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