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In "Pico Hack" you are a freelancer Hacker who take jobs for corporations.
You can be a Black Hat or White Hat. It is your choice.

It is an early stage game.

Any comments, criticisms or ideas are welcome :)

release 0.2.3 (2023-12-23)

  • fix a bug in match-3 minigame
  • mmodified some explanatory texts of the minigames

Cart #snale_phack_0-9 | 2023-12-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

release 0.2.2 (2023-12-22)

  • small fixes and tweaks

release 0.2.1 (2023-09-26)

  • fix ftp mini-game crash
  • show stolen data in account info screen

release 0.2.0 (2022-05-03)

  • news are now ordered by date (the first is the more recent)
  • news can be generated from other hacker (and not only player)
  • ability to skip a day
  • rework hack sequence. Now you must hack only a service (mini-game) to enter
  • can be present a proxy or firewall that adds an extra mini-game to the hack
  • add memory mini-game

release 0.0.2 (2020-11-12)

  • major bugfix in "excalate root" minigame
  • fix mission info from shell screen
P#83986 2020-11-08 15:18 ( Edited 2023-12-23 07:48)

I love the idea! Doing it without a keyboard is not an easy task. Can you provide a quick tutorial?

P#84140 2020-11-12 09:38

The game does not reqire keyboard. You do not need to write anything.

Simply, select options with up and down arrows and the game "write" prompt command for you :)

At this stage there is only the main game loop. The difficulty does not increase over time
and there are only two minigames.

HEAP Homepage

You can register or login to HEAP website (create account / log in)

HEAP Intranet

This is the main menù of the game in wich you can:

  • Access to mission board to select a mission (mission board)
  • Access to the news of hacking activities. You can also find your activities (news)
  • Access to your accoun info (account info)
  • Delete your account (delete account)

Mission Board

You can select a mission by connect to target host.
After you connect o target host you arrive to the "target screen"

Target Screen

The first thing is to scan for active security service by use the command "nmap".
You simply press the O button (Z in kyboard)
The game show the active security service (1 to 3 at the moment) which can be hack by mini-games.
The version of service represents the mini/game difficulty level.
You must hack a single service to enter in the target system and see "shell screen".
By level 2 mission, you can find a proxy/firewall that adds a mini-game to solve.

Shell Screen

In this screen you can select various command to complete your mission.
The command with a star is the command that the mission requires to complete it.
Free hacking does not have a command to execute. It is not a real mission.
The execution of commands influences your Karma.


They resemble Linux shell commands and some are
real but do not work as shown in the game, as "nmap".

They are in the game to increase immersion.

P#84172 2020-11-12 22:01 ( Edited 2023-12-22 13:56)

I didn't quite understand how to do the hacking minigame with the symbols, but I ran into this while shifting symbols around:

P#139039 2023-12-22 18:22

Sorry for the bug. I fixed it in this new version 0.2.3.
As for the minigames:

  • HTTP = Match 3 game
  • SMTP = Memory Game
  • FTP = Find the fixed symbols
P#139073 2023-12-23 07:25

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