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Cart #mergb_ab-0 | 2019-12-24 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License


O - Grab
X - Pop (block groups of 3 or more)
Grab and move the red, blue, and yellow blobs into one another to make green, orange, and purple(?) blocks!
Don't let the blocks touch the top!

Hello, BBS! This if my first Pico-8 Cart that I'm working on. I'm hoping I can have it done by the end of my Christmas break.

I still have to figure out the music that I want to use, and the title screen, and the instructions. Oh, and there's also no game over screen or leveling system. And the character sprites aren't done...

There's a lot of work left! But this has been a great tool to play with so far. I'm happy I found it. =]

P#71374 2019-12-24 18:30

Nice one!

P#71383 2019-12-25 16:09
:: merwok

Hello! I love block games but I’m afraid I don’t understand the controls. I press o but nothing changes, so I don’t know if I grabbed a piece (maybe need some animation or outline on the block? https://krystman.itch.io/pico-checkmate/devlog/34246/making-chess-for-pico-8-2-juicyness ), I try x to pop and create a group of same color but nothing happens, I try x on a group without grabbing before and still nothing. Hope these comments are helpful!

P#71424 2019-12-26 18:34 ( Edited 2019-12-26 20:11)

I agree with the above, not intuitive at first. Once I got a hold of it out made sense. Would love to be able to pair the crosses with each other as well.

Is there any increase of level? I got to about 25-30k and then I lost.

P#71427 2019-12-26 21:35
:: smie

Thanks for the feedback! I do need to figure out a better way to describe the gameplay rules/controls. One of my friends also noted to me that it can be easy to get the colors mixed up when trying to make a group.

For levels, there is an increase in difficulty by having the "blobs" move up more frequently, but there's not any way to know what level you're on or when the levels change. That's next on the list, though! Look out for the next version, hopefully sometime tomorrow.

P#71441 2019-12-27 20:51
:: merwok

Can you describe the controls here, or show a gif of gameplay?

P#71579 2019-12-31 04:56

as far as I can tell:

  • hold [o] to grab a circle
  • d-pad to move it around and collide it with another circle, creating an x of a secondary color
  • press [x] on a contiguous x group of a single color to score the group

could maybe have a series of images as a tutorial that show how it works? I was going to do something along those lines with my current PICO-8 game project.

P#71594 2019-12-31 16:16 ( Edited 2019-12-31 16:18)

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