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This thread is intended for the sake of researching particular (and most likely undocumented) parts of PICO-8's STAT(), that @zep didn't reference in the PICO-8 manual. The cartridge above also shows a new way for PICO-8 game devs to read the root-folder cartridge list with LS() (you must be on the desktop PICO-8 and your root directory must have at least 1 cartridge).

If you, Zep, know anything about the STAT() numbers not seen in the manual, can you tell me what they are for? People have figured out these for the BBS 101~104:

  • STAT(101) -> BBS ID (nil for local carts)
  • STAT(102) -> Site name (blank string in exported HTML's, nil in desktop PICO-8 builds and exported binaries)
    People have NOT figured out:
  • STAT(103) -> Hash string of unknown encryption method (was 0 in 0.1.11g)
  • STAT(104) -> False (when will this evaluate to true or some other value?)
P#65002 2019-06-05 10:19

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