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Skull and Roses

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Skull and Roses is adapted from the excellent Herve Marely card game Skull Link to BGG


Start of the hand

Each player chooses one card and places it face down on his mat.

Placement of cards: Place a card or challenge

Starting with the first player and going clockwise around the table, each player may either:

  • Place another card face down on their mat
  • Or they may challenge. A player with no cards in hand must challenge.

Challenge: Pass or raise the bid

The player who issued the challenge bids the number of cards he intends to flip.
Going clockwise, each player must then either:

  • Raise the stakes by increasing the previous bid
  • Or pass his turn and push in his game mat to the middle of the table
    This continues until all players but one have passed. Remaining highest bidder called the “challenger.”


The challenger must reveal the number of cards he bid.

  • The challenger starts by revealing all the cards on his own mat.
  • The challenger may then reveal any card from the top any other player’s stack.
  • This challenger continues to flip cards one at a time.
  • When a Skull is revealed, the challenger stops flipping cards. He has lost the bet.
  • All players take their cards back into their hands.
  • The challenger loses one card from the game.
  • If the challenger loses their last card, they are eliminated from the game.
  • If challenger flips number of Roses equal to his bid, the bet is won.
  • If a player has won his second bet, he wins the game!


All players use controller one. When you complete your action pass the device to the next player.
o to play a card
x to issue a challenge, raise, or pass
o to flip a card on the mat




v 1.0.1 Bug fixes

Source Code


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