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Juggle Struggle

Hey guys, I've finished my very first Pico-8 game.

I've had so much fun using my artistic skills creating sprites for the game and enlisting the aid of GPT 4 to help with the coding. It's been an adventure filled with excitement and some frustration trying to rangle GPT into line to get it to output the code I needed. There are some pretty cool particle effects, music and sound effects. Play as you listen to the calming waves.

Here's GPT 4's marketing blurb for the game...
Unleash your inner juggler with "Juggle Struggle"! ๐Ÿคน‍โ™‚๏ธ This groovy game will have you bouncin' balls and smashin' targets like a true pixelated pro. Can you keep up with the ever-increasing tempo, or will you drop the ball (literally)? Hop into the arena and show off your mad juggling skills. After all, why juggle responsibilities when you can juggle virtual balls instead? ๐Ÿ˜Ž So, ready to join the struggle? Let's juggle! ๐ŸŽฎ

How to Play

  • Move the paddle with the arrow keys to keep the juggling balls in the air.
  • Extra Balls are added every 10 seconds.
  • Hit the floating target to get bonus points.
  • Hit the targets before they cross the screen and the bonus for each one grows by 5 points each time.
  • Watch the countdown timer in the centre of the screen which signals the end of a level - a chance to take a breather - before getting back into the ball juggling action with even mre balls to juggle at once as the levels increase.

See what level you can get to and post your hight scores in the comments!

P#128468 2023-04-12 12:26 ( Edited 2023-04-15 12:50)


Thanks for checking out my first Pico-8 game. Post your high score and ask any questions:)

P#128469 2023-04-12 12:28

My best score today is 523 and I got to level 4.

P#128470 2023-04-12 12:45

Feels amazing to play. Thanks for making it.

P#128493 2023-04-13 07:58

Fun game! I like the physics and simplicity of gameplay a lot. As someone who can juggle, I like how this puts me in a similar trance but also challenging with controlling the paddle collision.

My high score so far: 499

Have you tried coloring each ball differently? I think it would help players keep track of which ball needs to be bounced next.

P#128495 2023-04-13 08:37

502 on level 2. Nice idea I personally haven't seen yet, gonna give it a few more spings for sure!

P#128496 2023-04-13 09:24

Just posted an update. Got the start screen looking cool, added an awesome huge splash that transitions to the end screen. just need to work on the game over screen.

P#128552 2023-04-14 17:41

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