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Cart #halloween_horrors-1 | 2021-10-31 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Banish the evil monsters from the house by putting out the magic candles.

Break ornaments, cups and other items about the house as you go for extra points.

Press left to play as Frankie or right to play as Philly: put out all the candles as fast as possible or with maximum destruction.

For a two player game with both kittens press X: beat the other kitten or work together to get the maximum score in the fastest time.


Player 1

Swipe/Hit: X, V, M (X on gamepad)

Jump: Up Arrow, Z, C, N (A on gamepad)

Left - Right: Left Arrow - Right Arrow

Drop down: Down Arrow

Player 2

Swipe/Hit: Q (X on gamepad)

Jump: E, Tab, W (A on gamepad)

Left - Right: A - D

Drop down: S

(These are the usual PICO-8 controls)

Menu: P, Enter, Esc

From the menu you can toggle the music and the storm - this stops the lightning flashes.

Go get 'em kitties!

If you like this game, find a problem or have any suggestions then please comment below.

Please consider trying my other games or following me for news on new projects. Particularly, you might enjoy Demystifying the Christmas Tree, an earlier game where Frankie and Philly make a mess at a different time of the year.

And watch out for the kittens returning in the future...

Happy Halloween!

Game programming, art: Drake Blue Games

Music: Modest Mussorgsky and Tim Follin arr. Drake Blue Games

1.0.1 Update

  • Reduced time kittens are unresponsive after being hit, but kept invulnerability time. Should be less likely to get "caught" by enemies. Also pumpkins and skulls more affected by kitten hits to help with this too.
  • Displays both scores at the end of a two kitten game for polite comparison/commiseration with the runner-up.
P#99342 2021-10-29 22:22 ( Edited 2022-10-29 11:45)


No matter the holiday, destroying the house with Frankie is a total blast! I was playing on my Gameforce & forgot to write my score down, but I think it was 174? I was too distracted by the kitten animations to pay too much attention to the score :).

P#99374 2021-10-30 12:52

its a good idea, but it was more frustrating than it needed to be because 1. i couldn't destroy the enemies, and 2. there was too much knockback from them, to the point that i got stuck by the pumpkin because everytime the knockback wore off so i could move again, it would hit me straight away, and the cat basically got stuck in that area. when an enemy hits the cat, it should have slight invulnerability for a half second with no knockback. or at least make the knockback send him further away so you give you a better chance and avoid getting stuck like i did here. I will admit, i did love destroying all the stuff, maybe you could make a game around that concept, cuz smashing stuff is always a blast, whether its pots in god of war, or pots in eastward or pots in....well, anything that has pots to smash, its always a blast. anyway, its not bad, just needs some tweaks and fine tuning. btw, i love the rain effect at the start, it looks amazing.

P#99393 2021-10-30 23:25 ( Edited 2021-10-30 23:26)

That's good feedback about the knockback and something I noticed watching people play last night. I'm a bit stuck for time, but I've tweaked it to be a bit more difficult to get trapped by the enemies now.

I'd have liked to try letting the kittens kill the monsters, but I'd want the baddies to respawn (I kinda want the kittens harrassed for every candle) and I've run out of time and cart space - it's at 99.8% now :s I might take a look at doing that or adding an option in future, but I might not be able to squeeze it in and it'd definitely take a while for me to do.

Originally, it was going to be a "break all the Christmas decorations in the house" game for my girlfriend with no monsters, but she persuaded me to convert it for Halloween. I might still make the Christmas game - people have been playing the old one all year, to my surprise.

I might write up the rain effect at some point - it's basically my screen fade and snow code (see my other posts), but with the particles falling faster and straighter and blue/grey instead of white. It's a hack, but to get faster raindrops that still collide reliably I run the update for them multiple times each frame.

P#99421 2021-10-31 16:27

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