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Cart [#agility-0#] | Code | 2019-01-11 | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA | Embed


by: ironchestgames

Hello! I accidentally watched Agility Championships this fall and I got the idea for this little game. Enjoy!

Feedback and questions highly welcomed! I need to improve please.

P#60761 2019-01-11 23:42

Well-made. I love the customizability in the player and dog choices! I think the game play itself could be more complex and interesting (maybe a timing mechanic to determine if the dog clears the obstacle?) but the game oozes chunky pixel personality.

P#60763 2019-01-12 02:36

thanks for trying it out @PicoLate!

I had more ideas on the gameplay but when I tested it with more than one player there where always one person that didn't quite get it. So I decided to keep it simpler to make it more accessible for multiplayer. Also I don't expect the playtime to be more than a few minutes. But maybe a more SP oriented sequel will have more gameplay meat, who knows?.. ;)

Thanks again for playing and taking the time to comment!

P#60770 2019-01-12 11:17

Very nice "indirect" control mechanics!

Note: it took me a couple of tries to get that you need to be in front of the obstacle for the dog to clear it!

P#60774 2019-01-12 20:49

thanks for trying it out @freds72 !

I've seen that in testing too, I might get around making a tutorial in some way.

P#60779 2019-01-12 23:04

This definitely has a lot of personality and is mechanically solid. Will play more later.

P#60785 2019-01-13 07:59
P#60793 2019-01-13 13:36

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