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Hello again. I've been working on different ideas for running Pico 8 games on physical media.

I've tried SD cards and while they are cool and can function as cartridges, they tend to have too much storage and I find that wasteful when Pico 8 games are less than a megabyte. I have been experimenting with other ideas such as using 3.5" floppies. They are much more smaller in storage compared to a SD card, but they have their own setbacks.

What would you recommend I try to use as physical media for Pico 8 games? I could try ROM cartridges, but they will probably be the most expensive route and be the most complicated.

Here is a picture of a Pico 8 game I put on floppy.

The tutorial I made for mounting SD cards 'should' work for floppies with slight changes.

I'm not going to sell Pico 8 games that aren't mine on physical media, I'm just trying out new ideas.

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You can buy 1MB USB sticks in a variety of designs and colours from ebay and amazon. Not sure if smaller ones exist.

P#97190 2021-09-11 10:18

First problem with using a 3.5" disk is no one has a drive so you may as well go the whole hog and use cassette tapes (ZX Spectrum/Commodore 64 style)? 😀

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ha... briliant idea
i made a little handheld with floppys and mounted them . i used a usb floppy-drive its relative simple
i just mounted the floppy to a directory in the pico 8 folder and load it from there

sudo mount /dev/sda /home/pi/pico-8/floppy
/home/pi/pico-8/pico8 -run /home/pi/pico-8/floppy/spiel.p8

the only problem i head(in germany) is to get floppys i had some old ...but thy where in no good condition so i gave up the projekt, but it workt pretty well

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You can find new old stock of floppies and there might be some companies producing new floppies. I used IBM formatted floppies (formatted as FAT) and they seem to work just fine.

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