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Got some random inspiration from @thattomhall's "Who stole the coal?", specifically the graphics, so I decided to start my own little thingy. It uses Screen Mode 2, for those who are curious.


You are Unnamed Wizard, and you're hanging with your friends, when some Big Bird King who calls himself "Haponke" swoops down and steals your wand! Now, according to WizTown law, all who call themselves "Wizard" and don't have a wand are outcasts and should have their backside kicked into the Great Beyond. You know this, so obviously, you RUN!

On the way out of WizTown, you find a strange, L-Shaped, steel thingy. Carved on it, are the words "GLOCK-19".

 Alright then! Guess I'm going back to town.
    - You, 5 seconds ago

Don't have much yet, but I hope to release a demo soon!

P#89967 2021-04-04 12:45

Glad the WSTC could inspire ya!

And you definitely have the story going, haha. Keep a-goin’!

P#89979 2021-04-04 15:26

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