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Cart #the_lost_night-4 | 2021-02-24 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


1.3 [23/02/2021]

  • Better Luisa

1.2 [22/02/2021]

  • Added all the missing NPC/Buildings content
  • Final Scene
  • Improved Dog logic
  • Improved baddies logic
  • Make sure to remove a message on battle
  • Balancing changes

1.1 [17/10/2020]

  • Changed the door asset to make it more visible.
  • Stop spawning enemies when you exit a room.
  • The whole world is open! You can navigate all the world sections.

1.0 [15/10/2020]

  • First area of the game available
  • Walk around and talk to the citizens of this weird looking town
  • Battle spooky spooks.

This is a work in progress

A spooky themed RPG inspired in Earthbound. we finished the first area where you can move around, interact with the NPCs in the game, enter all the houses that have a door and battle mysterious spirits. We are currently balancing the game and adding all the dialog to the other areas of the map, but would love feedback on the general game, sadly we are hitting the size limits so feature request are limited, (we have ~50 tokens left).


  • Arrows to move.
  • X interact.
  • Z Use unlockable ability.


  • Arrows to move
  • X Shoot

Thanks for playing.


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Cart #the_lost_night-1 | 2020-12-15 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Cart #the_lost_night-2 | 2020-12-17 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

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P#85399 2020-12-15 19:06 ( Edited 2021-02-24 00:55)

The aesthetics and music were really cool!
I got stuck and couldn’t get past the water.
One suggestion I have is not respawning the monsters when you re-enter a zone. Got tired of fighting the same ones I previously defeated when wandering around trying to find a way forward..

P#85462 2020-12-16 08:09 ( Edited 2020-12-16 08:10)

I posted in discord, but love the style/feel to this.

P#85464 2020-12-16 09:56

Excellent work!

P#85489 2020-12-16 20:06

@peco Will try to make it so the monsters don't reappear when you clear an area and enter a house, I think that could make it less annoying. Only the first area of the game is open so if you manage to get pass the guy who asks for soup that's as far as you can get in the current version, will upload more soon :)

P#85497 2020-12-16 22:53

I created a whole account to tell you just how much I liked this. It's so cute! I love the aesthetic, the music, the palette- it's so cute! I love the Earthbound feel too, I picked up on it right away!

P#85509 2020-12-17 06:09

@Darkovika thanks for playing :) :)

P#85526 2020-12-17 19:54

One of the best RPG's made with PICO-8

P#88066 2021-02-23 18:00

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