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Cart #last_smoke-2 | 2020-12-25 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


Wanted to share my first proper pico project.
About having only one cigarette left (or not...? what?!)

I used this to make a music video for my band (see youtube embed). DISCLAIMER->GERMAN MUSIC

At the moment it's more of a demo/screensaver, but I would like to turn it into a minigame, or a system of mini games ; if there's fun in it somewhere. So i'm open to ideas :-)

Was thinking of the trope of an "alien brood mother" spitting out mini enemy's. (pack -> cigarettes)
And chaotic controls like only being able to apply gravity/momentum to all objects.

The physics engine is relatively sturdy, except for the lack of Separating_Axis_Theorem, some minor tunnelling and items getting trapped in each other.

I used Chris Heckers impulse physics articles from the 90s and a dynamically subdivided "intra-frame-crawl-while-loop-thingy" to resolve collisions chronologically. and the "Pool hall lessons" article on gamasutra for early false returns (which should be followed by an S.A.T. check which I have yet to write...) So could be waaaay more efficient.

Glad to share some cleaned up functions if anyone needs them (though the code is pretty legible).
important: USES METATABLE CHANGES FOR VECTOR MATH!! (see tab 4 / --metatables--)

Shoutout to the community for the amazing and helpful threads, and specially to lazydev @Krystman for his fantastic (and very funny) youtube series (LG aus Kölle).

Hope you get a giggle out of this one.

Merry Christmas,

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