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Why you choosed lua over C or java ?
Is there some other people working with you for voxatron ?
How long have you been working on voxatron ?
How old are you ? What study have you made ?
I am studying in programming: second year. My teacher dumb She gives us paper exams. You think its dumb ?

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Voxatron is written in C, but just the scripting part will be in lua (plus a 'microscripting' layer made out of the trigger style statements that are already in 0.2.9). C happens to be a good language for Voxatron, as I can manually lay the data out in memory and get good caching performance. For most games I don't think language is very important though.

I'm making Voxatron solo. I hired a part-time artist last year to help out with demo levels, but I haven't released any of his work yet! And also I enjoy making demo levels myself, even if it takes a bit longer. The reason for doing it solo is partly to avoid the need for funding and to keep control of the project, but mostly because I love designing every aspect of the game and normally make games this way.

The first playable version was at the end of 2010. I quit my other work in March 2011 to start working on it (mostly) full time. I did a lot of voxel based experiments in the past though -- the first thing that looked kind of like Voxatron was in 2004 and was set in a 64x64x32 volumetric display. It ran too slow at the time so I shelved it.

I'm 36. Released my first indie game in 1993 when I was 15. It was a small puzzle game that I later remade as Neko Puzzle, and sold by mail order on 3.5" floppies in New Zealand. I did computer science and philosophy at university, but learnt a lot more from other programmers, experimentation, and from working for a few years as a graphics programmer writing 3d modelling and painting software (sound familiar?). Even more important is just to enjoy it and keep going.

I think working stuff out on paper can be very valuable. I do a lot of planning on paper for programming, as the bottleneck is mostly just understanding it well rather than typing it in. So doing exams for programming on paper can also make sense, but it depends on the content itself. Most of it will be useful one day, even if it seems mundane now. I think I've used almost every single little piece of knowledge I picked up at university sooner or later, even if it didn't seem useful at the time.

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I appreciate your answers zep !

I think you have a nice background, It's somewhat like this I want to become.

What operating system are you using ?

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