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Hello everyone,

I am a first year Japanese university student exploring game design.
This is my first time making a game.
My teacher introduced us to MBoffin's tutorial:
This is my remix.

I would appreciate any constructive comments.

Thank you very much


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P#80098 2020-07-29 17:15

:: Coko

There is no indication that you can go right to another screen.

Also you can win inmediatly taking the upper left teleporter?

P#80103 2020-07-29 20:05

Hello, and welcome to the forums.

First of all, I like the game. It was fun and I enjoyed playing it. There are a few things that I surprised me.
The teleporters are one way, but the "receivers" look exactly like the the destinations.

I was also a bit disappointed that I didn't get any cool stuff from the chests.

I liked the level design with timed and fixed walls and "tunnels" between the areas.

There are ways you could make the objectives more obvious, but that's a design choice. if you want the player to explore and discover the game, then it's perfect the way it from a a player guidance point of view.

Looking forward to playing more of it! Well done.

P#80105 2020-07-29 21:14

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