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Hey @zep,

I notice you can use the double-width katakana glyphs as identifiers, but I don't think you added the new printable single-width characters below chr(32) to the "legal chars" set for identifiers.

So I could use ta/た in a variable name, but because I need the single-width dakuten at chr(30) to make da/だ, I couldn't write a variable named, e.g., だくてん.

I figure if it's not a placeholder glyph (like the first 10 or so) and not reserved for Lua, it ought to be legal for identifiers, based on how every other glyph has been. Am I right?

I'm asking specifically because I'd like to use one particular character in place of 'self' in my code, to keep my code concise on the tiny PICO-8 screen, but I can't currently use it because it's not legal.

P#79992 2020-07-27 12:40 ( Edited 2020-07-27 12:41)

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