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Could someone explain me the mayor changes with these new version?
I know it doesn´t seem important but I would thank a lot anyone who could explain me a little version 0.2.0

Thanks a lot!

P#76429 2020-05-12 07:47

Is something I am imaginating or the graphics have changed?

P#76441 2020-05-12 14:05

Check out the BBS post about 0.2.0. It has a really good rundown of all the major feature changes.

P#76445 2020-05-12 15:32

Is the 0.2.0 still a beta or demo or is it officially out?

P#76448 2020-05-12 15:59

@ExtrovertPlatypus Still a beta.

P#76456 2020-05-12 18:14

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