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Could you add a door that would cause the player to appear in a random room? The reason I'm asking is because I thought it would be cool to make a roguelike, but of course it would only simulate one. However, the random door would need to block one time exit doors. It may be a confusing addition for people to find uses for it, so it may not be a good idea.

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Being able to make roguelike-likes is something I'm heavily basing development plans around, because apart from potentially being extremely fun, it has a lot of overlap with robotron arena designing as they also need some good randomly generated content. I'm hoping to have something useable in the 0.3.* series of updates (I'll talk about this in the next diary before too long), but it will be a temporary hack, as there is a lot of machinery needed to get it working together nicely to do it properly.

The hack is quite similar to what you suggest -- messing with door targets. The more general solution later on will be to generate the world as it is needed, or when the player enters the level, and then store the whole thing in the player's save-game. The save game file format I'm using saves the whole resources tree along with rooms states etc. so you'll also be able to randomly generate room layouts and actor definitions eventually. i.e. the level can modify or rewrite itself. This requires lua scripting, which will be available in 0.4 or later.

The extra functionality needed to make a rogue-like, along with their rough planned version releases are:

  • custom monsters (next week)
  • custom weapons / players with permanent modifiers responding to pickups (next month)
  • inventory/ammo with new buttons to select and use items (0.3.*)
  • save whole room states (0.3.*) in player's save data
  • generate random maps and actors in lua (0.4.*)
  • save script-modified rooms/actors in player's save data (0.4.*)
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