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Cart #weird_golf_game-1 | 2020-01-14 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Remember Bounceball Deluxe? That game that took the world by storm and unexpectedly got millions of downloads and worldwide critical acclaim? No? Weird. Well, after making that and being instantly promoted to celebrity status, I didn't stop working, despite having enough riches to live off the game's success alone. No, in between the TV interviews, I was making a couple other games, just for fun. But those two went totally under the radar. And fans of Bounceball were left wanting more. Well, nobody knew it, but I was also secretly working on a third project. And now, it's out of hiding. The highly anticipated next installment in the Bounceball series is finally here: Bounceball: Golf! This spinoff/sequel includes many exciting features such as:

  • At least one level! (probably more)
  • The ball from Bounceball!
  • The paddle's in there too (tell no one)
  • System where a simple mechanic is explained 3 different times because none of my playtesters were ever able to figure it out!
  • A contrived plotline!*
  • Absolutely no music!
  • Extremely simple visual design that fans of the original Bounceball are sure to love!
  • Too many exclamation marks in the description!
  • Some of the worst code I have ever written! (Somebody please tell me how to do bezier animations)
  • Gameplay almost nothing like the original game!
  • Questionable level of colorblindness support!
  • my dad really liked it
  • A cutscene!

*Due to budget constraints the contrived plotline was not able to fit within the game itself. The collector's edition** has it printed on the back of the box; this one has it here:

Ball and Paddle - probably not their real names but they never reveal them to the press - were the best of friends, having great fun playing Squash together every day. But one day, Ball strayed too far out into the red-line forest, and wasn't able to find their way back. In their epic journey to find the Squash arena and meet up with Paddle once again, Ball will have to learn how to do things they thought they never could, break out of the constraints of the incredibly predictable game world - and find a new friend along the way. Or something like that, anyway.

**still in development

update: you will now be severely penalized for holding in Z.

P#71897 2020-01-13 09:01 ( Edited 2020-01-14 21:37)

For those having difficulty in the ball unexpectingly exploding each time with a single bounce. TAP (O) do not hold it.

Doing that you'll find the game is a lot easier.

On the tri-bounce it is especially difficult as if you miss any shot you must start back on the ground. Suggest a REGULAR and EASY level where if you miss you return back to your previous landing.

P#71939 2020-01-14 17:28 ( Edited 2020-01-14 17:31)

@dw817 Thanks for the feedback! I might add a system that tells the player to stop holding the button if it's detected. As for a mode that returns to the previous landing, the code is way too messy for me to be able to add that without driving myself insane. A hint on that level, though: you might be able to do it in less shots than you think...

P#71949 2020-01-14 21:16

The level with a lot of down-arrow blocks and 2 high-arrow blocks is way too hard.

P#72245 2020-01-26 00:53

@chungus_is_gay you're right, it is a tough one. 'Too hard' is relative ;). Like most of the levels, there's a definite strategy to it - you just need to figure out what the correct angle is. Finding it is the hard part. Try aiming for the first up arrow and making minor adjustments, if you're still stuck.

P#72247 2020-01-26 03:50

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