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Cart #christmas_present_panic-1 | 2019-12-21 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA
Greeting humanoids, this is the first game release from the group of SORCERY. We hope that you enjoy our humble release filled with Christmas cheer and winter shenanigans.

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Instructions as they were not included in the top post so I'm posting them here:

Shoot the presents with Santa's teleporter Candy Cane gun to beam them directly to Santa's Sleigh.

Use LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to position Santa's cane gun.
Press (O) to shoot with auto-fire.
Press (X) for a single well-placed shot.

You get a bonus man if you can hit all presents without missing a hit on a level. Use the (X) key for this for accurate shooting so you don't accidentally shoot again and miss for a close target.

Press DOWN for force-field for Santa's cane gun. Only good for the first few levels. If you lose a man though on any level, you automatically get the force-field back though it vanishes again once you shoot.

It is possible to hit a single present and complete that whole level. I'll let you figure out how that is done. :)

If you can reach "Ceiling Zero" then the game is won, the wonky robot is destroyed, and you get the big gala ending story with a special note from Santa just for you. And yes, this game is a tribute to an old Apple ][ game called Ceiling Zero with mods to make it Christmas themed.

Enjoy ! And write if you have questions, comments, or need more help.


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